Downloading Games

How to put games into your TI-84 Plus CE


To download games to your calculator, you will need some requirements:

If you have all of these, you may proceed to the steps.

After the steps are done, you should install Cesium or any Calculator Shell to your calculator. 

(Optional unless your calculator is OS v5.5 and up.)

*NOTE: Some games may need the CE Libraries or CLibs. You can download them here.


2. Open TI Connect CE

3. Next, Connect your calculator to your PC using the Mini USB cable.

4. After that, you should tap the Calculator Explorer Workspace on the right (A Document Icon under the Camera icon).

5. Then, transfer the files of the games to your calculator.

6. Run the programs after that and enjoy!

If those steps did not help you in anyway, here is a YouTube video that will help.