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About this Game

ADVENTUR is a game originally created in TI-BASIC for the 84+ C Silver Edition. It was then rewritten in AutoHotkey and expanded to have more than five times the original content. Once I got a TI 84+ CE, I ported the original basic code to my new calculator. And now, I bring to you ADVENTUR Update 4 Preview written in Assembly for the TI 84+ CE! This game was inspired partially by the Stanley Parable. Like the Stanley Parable, it is a game about choice. If you play this game with the sole intention of beating it, you are missing out. Just play through the game and appreciate all the content. Play it multiple times. Have fun.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if this game causes you to go insane. It contains several logical fallacies and fanciful circumstances. Do not take this game too seriously. This game is also not very extensively tested. 

Made by Hactar